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Magellan Stem Cells

Cutting edge stem cell therapies that will enrich and improve lives. 

Magellan Stem Cells


Magellan Stem Cells operates a specialized stem cell laboratory in Melbourne that provides stem cell services to doctors throughout Australia. Magellan is seeking to work with doctors who are treating patients who have conditions that can benefit from the provision of stem cell therapies.


Magellan In The News


A Stem Cell breakthrough has shown cartilage regrown reversing damage caused by degenerative conditions.  Click above to find out more....


Our Laboratory


Magellan Stem Cells is a research driven cell based medical company.   Through collaboration with other organizations, including the University of Monash, Magellan is focused on providing world leading treatments in the area of regenerative medicine.

The Difference

Magellan brings together a team of dedicated scientists and clinicians who are authorities within the field of regenerative medicine/science.  This provides a platform from which the best proven cellular technologies can be transferred from the laboratory to the clinic.