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About Magellan


Magellan has been operating commercially in the supply of cultured autologous stem cells (using each patient’s own stem cells) to clinician’s in Australia and New Zealand (primarily for the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis), since 2014. Magellan has processed stem cells for the treatments of more than 950 patients.

Magellan operates a stem cell laboratory that ‘manufactures’ (isolates and cultures) pure (‘expanded’) autologous stem cells. Magellan has cultured more than 180 billion stem cells for the ‘commercial’ treatment of patients with OA. Magellan is currently the only company offering such a service to doctors in Australia and New Zealand.

Magellan’s current autologous treatments for OA have shown the potential to provide for substantial pain relief, improvement in function, the halting of disease progression and the potential of delaying and/ or possibly eliminating the need for expensive joint replacement. Specialist Sports Physicians report that the clinical results of the treatments are far superior to any other alternative treatments for OA. There have been no reports of any serious adverse events.

Note - Such autologous treatments are, however, yet to be authorized for use in North America, Europe or Japan (except for clinical trials).

Based on the treatment of patients with autologous stem cells, Magellan is currently conducting clinical trials with the aim of seeking regulatory registration of an ‘off the shelf’ treatment for osteoarthritis - ie using donor cells. 

Magellan is a world leader in respect to the supply of stem cells to clinicians to treat OA.

Magellan does not itself treat patients, operate a clinic and/or employ clinicians. 

Magellan’s ‘value’ is in respect to its knowledge and experience in respect to the efficient and low- cost production (culturing) of stem cells – as well as the data and experience from the treatment of more than 900 fee paying patients to enable identification of optimum donor cells for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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